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Sail and Steam
Taiping Rebellion
[Significant characters in the novel, some of whom will appear later in Books II and III.]
Introduction to the Taiping Rebellion
Taiping Costume *
Taiping era photo collection *
Taiping Flags and Uniforms *
Taiping Museum (photos) *
Taiping Tianguo: Loyal King Li Xiu-cheng 1-4 *
[The Star of India served as a working model of a clipper ship in early chapters, even though she is a bark.]
Junk Sails: A Tutorial
Old Marine Engines
Star of India
Walking beam steam engine operation (video)
[These several sites present old and new Shanghai in video and photographs.]  
One Hundred Years of Shanghai Architecture: The Bund *
Soochou Creek Bridge (Garden Bridge) *
Soochow Creek Bridge *
Shanghai Expat (Expatriate)
Shanghai Local Gazetteer *
Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai Open Space in Time
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